Monday, 14 December 2009

Lucky episode 2........

So as a follow on to yesterdays slightly wet and miserable post, I have to say I am feeling better today. Not only have I got a supportive family and friends, I have also got supportive blog friends too so .........THANK have made me feel so loved today. I have also been to see a solicitor with my dad who thinks everything will be ok. So hopefully no moving...............apart from the general upheavel, all that packing again brings me out in a cold sweat.

So I am now about to write my Christmas cards and generally feel positive about my situation. Plus being unemployed means I'm entitled to legal

If you do one thing today guys, hop over to Shimelle's blog for some fun news.........


  1. Oh honey, I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday but I'm so pleased you're feeling better today xx

  2. Hooray! You keep up your chin up Jo! xx

  3. I missed your post yesterday - it slipped by somehow... I am sorry you had such a bad time.

    Glad the solicitor was able to help set your mind at rest. I don't think you can be turned out just because you're on benefits. As long as your rent is paid (which it should be as you can claim Housing Benefit I presume), the landlord should have no grounds for turning you out.

    Suggest you keep a note if anything makes you feel you're being harrassed though - tell it to the solicitor if you collect more than a couple of things, or they're serious. Then you have more ammunition if you need legal back up later on.
    Maybe your landlord has had a bad time with tenants on benefits and that's why he/she is keen to get you to leave. But you're not a layabout or likely to start a pot-farm or a commune, so he/she is misguided in thinking you should leave.

    What a lovely dad you have (and your mum sounds pretty special too). It's great to have such supportive friends and relatives when things go wrong. Glad you found some peace and reassurance at Church too.
    I will remember you in my prayers and think of you whenever I have a "thinking of friends" type of minute.


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