Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Izzie, cakes and owls!!

...............today I woke at the crack of dawn, well for someone who is unemployed 7.45 am is pretty early I suppose. My mum had said ''Pop over anytime'' so the other so I thought I'd go over and see the aged Ps as I call them, read Great Expectations for reason!!!!! Anyway off we traipse me and I zzie and my mother's not even dressed. She's wandering around in her nighty, mind u it is ggaunt's 90th bday today and she was naked!!!!!!!!!!!Lol.
Anyway, my mother has a fab hoover and I wanted to give Izzie a good clean out after her time at the garage. So I set to with the aid of mum to hoover her clean. Blimey she looks amazing now. Even more so after Mum treatred Izzie to new seat covers from Lidl's, they do fab stuff, and some new floor mats from the pound shop!!!! Izzie has been car Gokked and had all her xmases and birthdays together. Mum also lent me some circular needles for a knitting project.

I also did a LO I've wanted to do for a while about a day I made cupcakes/fairy cakes with Little E or Emma, my friend's 3 year old.

It's abit bent cos of the paint I splashed on the card stock.

I had promised to make cakes with her when they came down to stay last year and we spent ages in the kitchen mixing the cake mixture and then icing them. She loved flinging, literally, sprinkles etc at them and they tasted lush. It was something I loved doing with my mum when I was little then licking the bowl of course and Sarah isn't really a cake maker. However E and daddy now make cakes regularly which is sweet. I made the title fairy or cupcake? cos I'm just not sure there is a difference and they were always fairy cakes to me.

I added paper butterflies with added bling and hand drawn trails and feelers.......
and the little card has a basic recipe for fairy/cupcakes.

In other news my sister has landed in South Africa and is apparently having fun relearning the joys of washing with a twintub. I reminded that mum and I washed her nappies in one and then put them through a mangle when I was little, she is 4 years younger than me.
Anyway off to watch those CSIs solve the murder...........I will leave u with a professional owl fairy/cupcake which I found on an owl site, whose link I will find and put up for all owl lovers. It's literally anything owly!!!


  1. Great layout - try flattening it under a large pile of heavy books (if that won't spoil the embellishments!)
    I always thought "Fairy Cakes" were the British name and "Cup Cakes" were American... but we seem to have adopted Cup Cakes recently. I don't mind, but it can be confusing - as can "Muffins" because mine used to be made of bread!
    Little E. is cute. I have some pics of my gt niece helping to make "cupcakes" - she's only 16 months old!

  2. Love the layout....and making fairy cakes is always a favourite activity with little ones.
    Izzie sounds as if she's got a complete new lease of life!!

  3. Well I love this page Jo - you have used such lovely colours and i think you are the queen of the fabric flower at the moment. We call them fairy cakes, patty cakes, cupcakes and muffins - though, like Lizzie, muffins can be the bread type as well ... no wonder we are all confused!

  4. blimey now i'm even more confused what with the muffin controversy which has developed. i love warm bready muffins especially cinnamon and raisin, can anyone else think of any other differences between foods? did i mention i had a bag of tutti fruttis from the shop............not a patch on the ones i had as a child mainly cis they were about 1/3rd of the size....what a ripoff.

  5. Really fab LO Jo, and that is a cute owl cupcake! Do you still go to the Artcards crops? I'm hoping to make it down there one day!

  6. Over here we call them "wee buns"..not to be confused with the saying "it's wee buns" which means "it's very easy" You both look like you had a lovely time making them anyway! The photo class I'm doing is at www.debbiehodge.com It's pricey..and as it's too dark and wet to take photos here today I'm wondering if it's going to be money well spent!

  7. Lucky Izzy! Lovely layout, Jo - my husband grew up calling them buns but I couldn't cope with that, buns are definitely bread-type dough products, not cake-type! They're cupcakes to me... (How about stirring up the chips/crisps controversy?!)


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