Thursday, 18 February 2010

Here's something I made earlier.......... my digital mojo on today and made this LO with the guideance of the wonderful Jessica Spraque. She makes it all seem so easy............yeah right, but I am well pleased with the stylish sepia photo and bright red twinkles I made. Clever huh?
Still getting to grip with the updated Photoshop which quite different to previous versions and you have to use stamps instead of brushes for some things and viceversa. It's well worth doing a class online with a professional like Jessica if u can afford it, I'm lucky mine was a pressie.
Anyway here is Fluffbun in all her glory.

In other news, I have applied for 3 more jobs, or is it more, I'm losing count. But onwards and upwards as they say. I also had a sweet email from Abi to say thanks for the typography stuff I'd sent her................she's so lucky to have us as her firneds. I wish I'd had a blog at school, it could have improved my grades!!!! Hahahaha.


  1. Love this LO,Jo....especially the way it looks like the paper is peeling away from the photo.

  2. It's great, well done Jo :-) JS's tutorials are fab, aren't they? I've done one and got another that I'm looking forward to working through once the kids are back at school....

  3. Great layout! Cute cat and super sparkles!

    Yes, we're all sooo kind to Abi, aren't we? Just as well she's so nice lol!

  4. Good luck with the job hunting Jo, you'll find something soon :) my df just picked up some temporary work after being laid off three months ago, so I hope this is a sign of things getting better :)


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