Thursday, 9 December 2010

A special offer

A few weeks ago, I had a lovely email from Andrew at Dobbies Garden Centre. He had seen a previous post I had done and asked if I would be interested in trialing some Xmas lights. Oh yes please, I said.
In due course, the friendly postie brought me a lovely box of lights which are gr8 because they play outside and are solar so no messing around with electrics or such like.
They are called Premier 10 LED Solar Snowflake Path Christmas Lights Multi Colour

 and retail at the Price of £14.99 which for solar lights is very reasonable. They are in red, blue and green colouring and when you put them out you can choose between having them on slow change from colour to colour or rapid twinkling. As my mum is epileptic she found the rapid effect abit too much so that may be worth bearing in  mind. I loved the rapid twinkle personally.  I have had to use Dobbie's own picture because my dad is rubbish at taking them and I haven't been over to get any pictures when it's been dark. But the mother assures me they are working perfectly.

The solar panel powers up within approx 8 hours and so they are happily twinkling over at the mother and father's garden as we speak. This is purely because they have a nice big sunny space to put them in and can move them around to different positions with the sunshine. They are talking about getting some more they like them so much!!!!! Two satisfied customers. I like Dobbies Garden Centre which is just up the road from me not least because it does fabulous coffee and cake.


  1. Glad to know the solar lights work well, I am always a little wary of them because sometimes they can look a bit pale!

    I watched xmas glee last night - so fun, wish Rachel and FInn would sort it out!!! Although Puck is my favourite and I'm loving Beiste this year a lot too. Sue rocks the show big time!

    Chicken-curtains....indeed a present from the last owners of the house, beautiful forest green curtains adorned with pictures of chickens. Very 1990s! Its something we laugh about along with Yellow-tiles and red-paint! Good memories!!

  2. Dobbies just opened over here recently - it has really shaken up the Garden Centre world here! We went a couple of weeks ago and were impressed - the food hall was especially nice and we picked up a few presents. I didn't see these lights though - and they look very tempting!

  3. Yay, you got some too! Mine are white stars - yours are pretty coloured snowflakes - but they are pretty much the same otherwise. I'm very happy with my set of star lights. They come on every evening, at sunset, and twinkle away for a while. Very pretty! Good old Dobbies, eh?
    Did you see my guest post on their blog? I'm pleased with that too - very exciting!
    A great post Jo - Andrew will be a happy bunny (well prob. a happy gardener, but ykwim!)

  4. I'm playing catch up again, but I think I'm up to date again! Love your little lights, and congrats on your recent wins too xx

  5. wow they look fab!

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  6. i got some too but havent been able to get them to work, think they might be sending some more but excited to see what they look like x


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