Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The conversation went like this.............................

Scene: A large out of town shopping mall in the West of the UK.
Cast: The Mother and The daughter......................additional extras The father, The lil sis,
Act One:
The mother and the daughter are dropped off by the father outside said shopping mall and arrangements made for picking up later that day, the mother and daughter enter said mall..................

The daughter: Where shall we start first?
The mother: Let's go to [ large well known department store].
The daughter: For lil sis present or for cousin's son's?
The mother: Lil sis.

The daughter ascertains correct floors for items to purchase and escalator ride is taken. Daughter taking photos of decorations for JYC Day 8.

The daughter asks sales assistant for place where cutlery is displayed for lil sis pressie not cousin's son whio is only 2!!!

 Unfortunately store no longer sells correct option,.....................vouchers need to be purchased.
Movement to floor below to toy section.
The daughter finds well known brand of children's trains made of wood and asks the mother for list of choices suggested by the cousin. List only has numbers not names!!!  

The daughter: OK mum you read the number and I'll try and find the right thing. Eventually find 2 items which are correct.

The daughter suggests they try the well known toy store next door....................

Slightly eccentric store assistant tries to engage the mother and the daughter in useless conversation,
The daughter taking the bull by the horns: do you stock this or not?
The eccentric assistant: No!

Next item on and cake break at STARBUCKS, need I say more.

The daughter and the mother then walk to well known underwear seller who supplies majority of women's knickers in the UK.

Enter stage left the father who has arrived early..............
The father: Can I go to the ................. [well known music emporium with doggy emblem].

The daughter: Of course. I'll meet you there.
The mother: I'll stay here as my feet hurt.

The daughter enters said music emporium and assists the father to try and find DVD he has wanted luck and queue too long.

Enter the mother: Are we going now?

The father : Yes I will get the car.
The daughter and the mother bring up the rear, the daughter still snapping away.

The mother: Haven't you got enough yet?
The daughter (aghast): Never say that a scrapbooker, u can never have enough pictures to scrapbook!!!



  1. Hummm... it sounds to me, as if lots of photos and a tummy full of coffee (and cake?) was all that came home from that shopping trip? No cutlery, no trains, no dvd, no stuff-from-well-known-underwear-seller-shop.... Is that correct? So, it's online shopping now, eh?

    Fun story Jo! Loved it! Reminds me of another mother & daughter I know well...

  2. Ooh interesting shopping experience looking forward to seeing all the pics xxx

  3. After all that .... did you get anything on the shopping list apart from the photos? ;-)
    The numbers are hard on the wooden trains - but easier than finding the name - took me ages to figure out it was on the bottom!

  4. Sounds like a typical shopping trip,Jo...if you know what you can never find it....if you don't intend to buy'll come home with loads!!

  5. Great story - I love the way you've written it out like a play. Of course, you can never have too many digital photos!!!

  6. Made me smile! Love your story :). Never mind about the shopping - the photos are the thing!

  7. And that's the truth!!! I wish I could remember to take all those everyday photos.

  8. Brilliant! Very funny - I can just picture you hunting for the right trains to make one Christmas go just perfectly.

  9. This is so funny and I think all daughters can relate to it! Great post Jo :)

  10. ha so funny! do you make designer scrapbooks?

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!


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