Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Drum roll please.............

So as promised I can reveal, drum roll please, that the winner of my giveaway from the Colour Combo Hop is Cheryl.....................please send me your email to josowerby@yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk and I will get the class sorted for you.
The bloghop was such a success that Amy is already planning the next hop for next month and I am making a button/widget.

Second drumroll is for this new magazine which hit the shelves on the 12th May in the UK and should hit the USA soon. Apparently it has been so well subscribed to that the first issue has already sold out..............wow. Better subscribe I think and there is a gr8 offer for three issue as a special price of £5.00 at the moment. Each subscribed issue gets a free ''make'' gift. This months is an i-phone felt cover, which I have almost completed. Here is Nat's version. Mine is bigger as I have a bigger phone due to it's protective outer shell. Once complete I will put up the photo.
The magazine has been really well put together, there are sections for making, blog and book suggestions, shopping guides, a hopefully regular feature of craft rooms...........pretty. At £4.99 I think the magazine is well priced and has something for every crafter. Now that copies are like gold dust, you may have to check out issue 2 in June but you may get lucky.


  1. Looks like a lovely mag - can you buy it in the shops do you know??

  2. Yay for Cheryl!

    Looks like an interesting magazine. My favourite new mag is "Simply Homemade". I got issue 4 yesterday and it came with some fab little clear stamps (and projects to use them on!).
    There seems to be a sudden rise in magazines that cover lots of different crafts and home-making ideas. Maybe people see it as a sort-of economy - you know, buy one magazine, with lots of different stuff, rather than several that specialise.
    I would like to try to crochet an apple-cosy - just for fun!

  3. You lucky girl! I am hoping the US gets them soon! I'm not sure where they are going to be selling them but I have my eye out!! I'm so excited about the next hop and the widget! You are the best :)

  4. Saw it. Bought it. Loved it.

    And made the cover for TSO to house her new phone!

  5. I missed out there! Will have to look out for issue 2! :)

  6. It's fab isn't it:) I managed to get a copy on Monday, when I was out and about with my daughter.


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