Tuesday, 14 June 2011

52 lists: things I have learnt on my travels.

I first heard about this project from the lovely Mel, but missed out doing week one for a variety of reasons so I will have to have 51 lists I suppose. Anyway, the idea behind this project came from Kel who was inspired by the variety of lists on the Internet but wanted to do something slightly different. So the idea is to creat a list every week for 52 weeks and Kel puts up the idea each Sunday. I am doing mine today just because.

Anyway this weeks theme is things I have learnt on my travels so here are my 10:

  • Pack light..................I make a list of what I think I need and then remove over half of it. I take a towel which is a camping lightweight quick drying thing just in case  but otherwise the basics. Make sure you take your E111 card if your going to Europe and you have travel insurance cover.
  • Try and take hand luggage only if going on a cheap flight as they charge you loads extra for stowing in the hold and it makes it easy to get off the plane and leave the airport swiftly.
  • Research where ur going as much as possible so you have a better understanding of the culture and place. It makes for a more enjoyable journey. Make sure you have plenty of photo storage software if you're taking lots of photos.
  • Take some risks. I often book flights and hotels online rather than through an agent cos you get a better deal. I have stayed in YWCA and hostels to save money in the USA and OZ and it was gr8. I met loads of fantastic people who I went on trips with.
  • If you're going on a longer vacation then plan in some downtime. Don't go all out for sightseeing everyday, you'll be exhausted.
  • Be careful with money, not everyone you speak to on the train going into the city is being friendly they may be picking your pocket.................yes I was robbed once but the guy seemed so nice!!!  I now own one of these........................
  • Go where the locals go to eat, it's normally the best. My dad went to a restaurant in Florence and he and my mum were treated like one of the family by the end of their holiday...................no pun intended there it wasn't THAT kind of family.
  • Swap holiday reading, don't lug a load of books around. If I go with friends we take 2 books and swap when we've finished or swap with other travellers. You might find a fabulous new author.
  • Use different modes of transport to make your trip more economical. I love the train cos buses make me nauseous and I get ferry sick. 
  • Have a marvellous time.


  1. I like that happy holiday photo you finished with! This is a well thought out list Jo

  2. great travel tips... would love to hear more about where you have been xxx

  3. Some great tips - need them seeing as w are away on our holidays next week - and I find travelling light very difficult!!

  4. Love it, Jo! Great photos, too :) And it's not too late to do week 1's theme, noone need ever know! ;)

  5. I love all these tips Jo .... I just need to go somewhere now!
    Glad to see you have been over to the new blog :-)

  6. Brilliant advice Jo...and a great smiley pic too :)

  7. HI, found your site through Shimelle, really enjoyed your travel tips and even more your list of 10 crafty tips - very inspiring! If you get a chance, please stop by my "restarted" blog; have a great week!


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