Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dr Who?.....................


As many of my blog readers are aware, I am Jo........................the daughter, sister, friend, colleague....................and I also have Bipolar Affective Disorder. Many of you will know the word Bipolar, but many of you will not fully understand the repercussions of this illness, not only for me, my family and friends, but for the millions of other sufferers out there.

Sometimes my life is like this...................................

but I want it to feel like this .........................................

My journey began about 12 years ago, and you can read more on my separate page if you wish. It has been a rocky journey, full of many ups and downs, many downs I might add. I have been on medication all that time but it is only in the past 8 months that I have been prescribed Lithium, a drug which has significantly altered my moods. In fact it has been a life saver. I have been very fortunate to have support from my psychiatrist and Psychiatric nurse along the way and over the past 4 months I have also been having Cognitive Behavioural therapy, which has been an amazing experience.

My reasons for writing this little post are that sometimes I feel still that there is little understanding of my disorder and depression as a whole. I am not alone. 1in 4 people suffer from a mental health condition and many suffer in silence and fear, because they feel their life will never be the same if they tell anyone. I am often told by people to not disclose my health problem, however I do not wish to be ashamed of it, I want it to be part of who I am not to run my life. However I am only too aware that when I have a depressive episode I am run by my Bipolar.

Having had CBT, I have worked really well together. I have felt listened for the first time in my life and that she actually got me. I am a complex person and have many issues I won't divulge here, but I am also someone who just wants to share her experiences and gain understanding of how that has led me here today. Yesterday we said goodbye. It was a positive goodbye. I know I can build on what I have learned and I am more aware of myself than I have ever been. I now feel I can move forward in a different way and I hope deal with my next depressive episode, because it will come, in a more proactive way.

Thank you for reading and have a great day...........................


  1. Wow Jo! You are so brave to put yourself out there 'warts & all'! I have had depression over the years but i know it was nothing compared to what you have to endure each time you have an episode. I admire you hugely & even though we have never met I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. xx
    Keep smiling through

  2. I think you are right, not many people know much about Bipolar, I certainly don't. Through an endless day of following links on some Australian blogs a little while back, I found this blog, it was unrelated to my intial search but somehow I think it might interest you.

    I hope you have a great day too, Jo! :-)

  3. Im so glad you were able to find something that has helped you. I have depression and have been on many different meds. Unfortunately they conflict with another health problem I have so I can't take them anymore. Just like any other major illness life with mental illness is hard. I hope the CBT continues to be helpful for you.

  4. This is amazing. Jo, it is so good that you feel able to be so honest and accept all you are, mental health and everything. Bravo. Xxx

  5. What a wonderful description of why you need to embrace yourself and share yourself with others.
    Lots of hugs,

  6. Glad it has been such a positive experience for you, and that you have felt heard and understood - and glad you have felt able to share it. I love your snoopy cartoons!

  7. Shout it loud and proud - Jo talks about her bi-polar and we love her !!

  8. It is such a shame that it took so long for you to have CBT. There aren't enough therapists and some Doctors just seem too quick to prescribe anti- depressants. I'll have to have a tlk with you if we ever get to meet up again - too much to try and put into text!


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