Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Project 365 week 4

Good morning everyone and welcome to another edition of Project 365. I'm a bit behind behind with the posts but thought I would try to catch up a little.

I am really enjoying this challenge and finding the photography aspect very easy to achieve. I take my camera everywhere and seem to find the right things to photograph. So here are the week 4 pictures:

The first one is Real, I chose this screen shot of a new idea from Time to Change because mental health is very real for me and I feel this little card will help others deal with me more easily:

My friend Alan came down to visit so became my Guest portrait........

This is another screen shot, didn't know what to do for Transparent but then I read this article about Nicole Scherzinger's dress problem.............

This is my amazing friend Lucy who Makes me smile..............

We are lucky in Wells to have two famous cats, this is Maisie the Bishop's Palace cat and she was Outside......

My mum helped with this one finding lots of Red ornaments around her house, this one I played with in Picassa to highlight the colour more

And finally this is a Blood pressure machine in my doctor's surgery and you have to put your arm it hurts like mad

So what did you choose for your Project 365s??


  1. Oer, not sure about that blood pressure machine! It looks a bit Victorian..

    That's a great angle on your photo of the cat - love that

  2. I agree with Sian about the BP looks very odd!!
    Alison xx

  3. Sweet photos this week Jo. I agree with the others. I don't like the look of that machine. What's wrong with the old velcro strap around the arm pump thing?! x

  4. Great pics, Jo :) You've reminded me that I haven't taken a photo at all today, eek!


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