Friday, 28 May 2010

Scrapamia part 2

The internet is not playing ball at home so here I am sitting in Starbucks in Wells using their BT Openzone free service. It's fab, I can even plug into their electric!!!!!
Anyway, I have been waiting for Shimelle to forwarf the rest of the minibook instructions bu she hasn't so I have only completed that project up to a point. So instead I'm gonna show some pics of the projects I did and the teacher's versions if I have it.

So here we are............the beautiful Shimell and I. I make her look so tiny dont I? Anyway she was teaching a minibook. It was a small 4 x 6 and we only decorated one side of the pages. The idea is to add 4 x 6 photos to that side. Shimelle had done hers about NY when she went with the Boy last year.

This is my first page. I decided to do Gaudi inspired minnibook from my trip to Barcelona 2 years ago. The pack we had contained papers and card to make our pages which we distressed with inks. Shimelle had also given us punched shaped and some stickers from Sassafras and Cosmo Cricket which we utilised to make our own embellishments and toppers. This topper is a sticker and a jagged cirle, a little bracket and a butterfly on top of blue lace ribbon. The little heart and wings are a pucnhed embellishment too.

In the afternoon we also had Ifa Zainon and we did a very simple but effective LO.
We were all really hot and brained fried by this time so to have a nice LO to play with was g8. We were given a piece of plain white cardstock and shown what Ifa had done. Then it was up to us to decorate the card and paint our frames accroding to our personal taste. I decided to use 3 old pictures of myself, my mum and grandma. I distressed the edges of the card with ink and then used a flourish stamp and red ink to decorate the corners and add a design to the central part of the paper. Then I painted my frames red and once they were dry distressed them with dark ink to mark them appear aged. The papers we used were old book pages, some graph paper for our title and a lovely flocked brown paper.

This is of me as a baby and shows a closer view of the stamped corner.

This is my mum, most of you will recognise this picture from the invites for her 70th.

Finally this is my grandma probably circa 1934.

These amazing delights are Jane Dean's designs which we made 16 boxes for!!!!!! On the Sunday we were taught by Kirsty Wiseman and Jane, and Claire from the Scrapamia team. I will blog about these LOs and the boxes next time. Have a g8 BH weekend if I cant come back before then!


  1. Wow, you got through a lot of stuff! I'm even more envious of the whole weekend now that I'm seeing the results :)

    Your Ifa layout is just gorgeous

  2. Both Shimelle and Jane are so inspiring....wonderful to have them both as teachers in one weekend.
    Love what you are making.

  3. Ahhh I'm soooo jealous - Shimelle and Ifa and Jane Dean and Kirsty Wiseman... all in one weekend!!
    But it does look as if you had some real fun there! That's great - you really deserved a nice break away from all the job stresses etc.
    I like your first "Shimelle" album page and the stuff from Ifa's workshop - keep showing us the rest, as they progress!

  4. ahh lovely shimelle, dont worry she is a tiny dot lol, the book looks fab, i have to start a mini book and finish it this week so thats given me the inspiration to start, looks like so much fun xx

  5. Jo the generations page is so lovely and I cannot believe the intricate detail on those boxes - what a lovely project! Have a great weekend yourself :-)


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