Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Internet torture.

So I still have to make trips into town to blog as the INternet is not playing ball. Anyway just had the email from Shim with the minibook pages to complete so can finish that finally. Have started making my minibook for the weekend and also working on my other LOs and the boxes. Printed out my pictures and got some papers and embellies ready.
Anyway short but sweet. Oh yes had x 1 CRB check back OK so just waiting for the Bristol one and references then we can discuss a start date...........yipppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


  1. Hooray!! So glad the job stuff is coming along well. Keep us posted.
    I hope your internet is sorted soon - it's quiet around here without our Jo!
    Enjoy your mini-book making.

  2. It's great to hear that the work prep is moving along. It shouldn't be too much longer. And I hope you get your internet sorted out soon..that's not funny.

  3. Hi Jo! Just been catching up on your blog. LOVE the pic of u n shimelle. I am very jelous! he he! hope the CRB comes through soon, nearly there! xxx

  4. Job progress sounds positive Jo - not so much on the internet front - I think I could possibly die if that were the case for me ;-)


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