Sunday, 29 August 2010

Shopping trip

Off we went on the local bus service into Bath. I love going on public transport when I'm in the mood cos you get a whole new perpesctive on the world. Living in this lovely countryside, I often only see the hedges and parts of fields in my car but yesterday the details were shown. The little streams flowing by the sides of the roads, the gardens of the cottages, smaller livestock in the fields and the crops growing. I was really happy.
So on arrival in Bath we went here.

As Kate said ''You have to be 14 today Jo'' so I was. Now I must reassure you all that ketchup was Kate's I cant stand the stuff, yuck. We began with the plan to go to New Look and Top Shop (althought I have an alternative name for it) and also H and M. Kate bought a beautiful top and skirt and then we wandered around looking for these............
There were about 80 around the city we found about 6!!!!1 Anyway this was made up of scrabble squares,

this one is called Lion heart............

here is Kate kissing the Cath Kidson lion.............

pretty streets and lush cakes..............

oh and lush shops!!!!!!
and finally one picture of some lovely abbey architecture..............

All in all it was a fabulous day, oh I bought a couple of necklaces, some Lush hair shampoo and a crochet magazine!!!!!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day,Jo....and love the Kath Kidston lion.

  2. oooh this makes me home sick! I love Bath. back there in a week! he he!!! xxx

  3. Sounds like a great day out. I had a boyfriend who was at Bath Uni, and a cousin who lived there. I remember spending a lovely weekend at my cousin's and going out in the evening with my BF, to an underground disco (which used to be a public toilet!!). That was sooo long ago though... maybe it's time to pay another visit to Bath.
    Incidentally, there are loads of lions in Northampton just now, all decorated up. They're different shape to the Bath ones, but the idea is similar. And Milton Keynes has lots of decorated... cows!! And London has elephants... does anyone else know of a set of these painted creatures elsewhere in Britain?

  4. Cool photos of Bath Jo!!. I've only visited once, but plan to go one day with my hubby.
    Love the pictures of the cakes and the Lush shop. I almost sneezed at the thought of the smell of the Lush shop. A great shop to go to when you need to unblock nose when you have a cold.

  5. I'm smiling at the thought of visiting a Lush shop to unblock your nose - great idea.

    Sounds like a great shopping trip. We spent our honeymoon near Bath, so I have fond memories of it.

  6. Sounds great, so glad you had a good time :-) I love it when decorated 'creatures' pop up everywhere - we've had a couple of batches locally - and one blog I follow has been talking about rhinos in Chester this summer.

    Clair and I did our first crochet last night!! I might have to look out for a crochet magazine myself soon.... (Or maybe I'm getting carried away after one crooked row?!)

  7. Hi, just found my way here from Abi's blog.

    Love your pics of Bath, I lived there for my Uni years and I miss it! The lions look really cool too, I love the scrabble tile one, we're scrabble addicts here! xx

  8. What a great day out Jo! Fabulous pictures ... those lions are very cool :-)


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