Monday, 30 August 2010

What a lovely day..............

Just got back from lil sisters where I had a brai both last night and today with the aged P's, otherwise known as mum and dad. Rach and I watched a terrible film last night. It was a remake, never a g8 sart as I always feel the original will have been better, however I was open to be wrong. It all started off OK but deteriorated into silliness, Ralph Fiennes a Hades, or was that Voldemort, same difference if u asl me. Anyway the film was Clash of the Titans, now call me old fashioned but the original had all the fab old actors, like Ursula Andress, Maggie Smith I mean quality stuff. The amazing special effects of Ray Harrihausen and for the time they were fab. Anyway we werent swayed and still felt that the original was the better version.
More from today, after my nit nurse experience of the other night, today I was nurse to the injured mother. I am always saying she falls over her own feet more often than I've had hot dinners but today she fell up the step in my sister's kitchen, there was blood everywhere as she cut the inside of her gum with her teeth. The problem with gums is they are very high with blood supply so bleed alot. Anyway we got the bleeding settled and then checked her over for cuts and bruises and lumps on her head. She was rather shakey but seemed to recover ok. ''Can I have some wine?'' she asked, ''No I said just in case you start feeling ill and did hit your head and have concussion!''. Arent I mean. Anyway all was quickly sorted and we had a lovely afternoon.
Now I really feel today I deserve this sweet award Abi has given me, super nurse after all this weekend on my days off! 

So thank you Abi for giving me an award which has made me smile. You're a sweety.
There are five conditions to this award:

  • I thank the person who gave it to me

  • I put the award on my blog

  • List three things about myself

  • Post a picture I love

  • Tag five people
    So I have done number 1  and 2 I think. Ok so 3 things about myself, only 3 can I limit myself to that small number you dont know already? Ok here goes:
    1.  I am the worst person to get blood from. I have no veins in my arms so they usually have to take it from the back of my hand, after digging around a few times just for good measure after I tell them not to!!!!!
    2. I have taught myself crochet and am making the Lucy bag by Attic 24, it's dead simple if you're just learning and grows quickly so you feel you've achieved something cool.
    3. I have met the Oscar winning actor Daniel Day Lewis, not long after he made '' A Room with a View''. I met him in the Vrigin mega store in Oxford Street when famous people were signing people up for Run the World. I signed up and ran/walked around Hyde Park etc and got the t-shirt. Haven't got it but I have my autographed LP of the music of the film Daniel was in. 

    Now who to tag? Ok I nominate Dolly Dreamings for her amazing hardwork on 52 in 10 and raising money through this for her local hospice, Attic 24 for her crochet inspiring blogposts, and the Lucy bag and for fun in her caravan,  Rachel B for her fun pages about scrapbooking, kids and knitting, Alexa at trimming the sails for her tutorials and wonderful LOs and finally Furry lil monster who has wonderful Los and is working hard on a tough challenge!!!

    Oh almost forgot my fave picture, well there are many but this one is my fave painting by an artist, enjoy.......

    I love the colours and the vivacious way he painted this. I have seen it oin the flesh in New York and although a small picture, it is more amazing to me than the Mona Lisa.

    Hope you have all had a g8 weekend, see you all tomorrow in class, LSNED.


  1. Congrats to you, Jo :-)

    Clair and I finally got together and tried out the basics of crochet, so I shall look out for the Attic24 blog, thank you! And my veins are rubbish, too :-( Oh, and I love that pic too - so cool to see it on Doctor Who! xx

  2. Congrats Jo on your award.

    I love Vincent Van Gogh too!! And yes, great to see in the latest series of Doctor Who too

  3. oh dear, hope your mum is okay now!

    I love that van gogh too, it's so magical and dreamy.

    In answer to your q on my blog, I live in Wareham in Dorset. Very cute down, and easy to get to lots of pretty places! x

  4. I'm with you on the Van Gogh!

    I can't talk about the drawing of blood without shivering - I have had a very bad experience in a country hospital with nurses trying to put an IV in ... urghhhh, forever scarred now!

  5. Congrats on your award :)

    Hope your mum is feeling ok now. I had a blood test not that long ago and as soon as the needle came out you could see an egg shaped lump appearing - the nurse made me sit for half an hour with ice on it and then told me to go to A&E if it got worse over the weekend. Wasn't expecting that!

  6. Sounds like an eventful weekend. You sure your mum doesn't need new glasses - sounds as if she maybe couldn't see that step properly?! Hope she's feeling fine now. At least you were on hand to help (and boss her about a bit too!).

    Well deserved blog award. Your 3 things we don't know made me smile - you couldn't have chosen three more random things really! Isn't it a pain about veins for blood tests etc? My mum has no veins either - whenever she is in hospital and needs a canula put in, or blood tests, it's a nightmare. They always have to find the "specialist" person to do it and use baby-sized needles... Mine aren't a lot better, but at least they exist!
    Love that Van Gough too. My DS learned about V.G. at school and the teacher put a version of this up in the classroom, along with Sunflowers and one of his bedroom ones too. I love the active feel of the picture - it has amazing energy.
    Hope you're having a good week. X

  7. Congratulations on the award! Very well-deserved :) And I hope your mum is ok...that must have been very frightening for you all. I was so excited to hear that you're doing LSNED and Cathy's class as well - this will be my first time doing a class with her (and with BPS), so it will be lovely to see a friendly face around the blogosphere!

  8. Congratulations, Jo, on your award! And I am very thrilled and touched that you have nominated me for one - thank-you so much! I will be posting about this next week, and sorry only to have just caught up - I've been away on holiday. Is your Mum OK now?


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