Monday, 25 May 2015

Me on Monday x

On a Bank Holiday here in the UK so extra special weekend. I'm joining in with Sian today sharing my weekend exploits.

It's been a mixed bag of weekend weather as always for a bank holiday - Saturday was scorching, Sunday was wet and today is cloudy but that's ok, we UK peeps knuckle down and take our coats and brollies with just in case.

Saturday was a sit in the garden and relax kind of day. I spent it catching up with my projects for "My Details" an online class I'm taking with Kristin. I'm using lots of journalling, paint and a small selection of scrapbooking items to make my book which is a Simple Stories folder. I also sat and read away into my new Val McDermid book, got to love a crime thriller. It was also a pass your pilot tests on the computer bookkeeping course evening so I can do the real thing. Multiple guess was never my strong point but now I've passed stage one so onto the next level, Yippee!!!!

Yesterday was all the tea, cake and catching up with friends. We sat in a lovely cafe sipping our drinks, whiling away the dampness of the day with tales of fun trips, health improvements, boyfriend troubles, books read and summer plans. Lovely. We also made a trip to the moat to meet the new cygnets who put on the perfect display of cuteness for us. There was 8 little fluff balls on the water. It was also a plant buying day for some pots which look slightly weedy but should spring forth like Chelsea flower show, not!

Today is a day for trips back in time to my old home in Wells for the fair. There will be more of the above mentioned tea, cake and plants. Meeting friends, seeing cute animals in the show and sipping drinks on the cricket pitch.

What have you all been up to? I do hope it's been fun.


  1. What a gorgeous photo!

    You have some lovely stuff in there..reading, scrapbooking, friends, sounds good. Hope the rest of the week includes more of the same!

  2. Just look at those adorable bundles of fluff! Enjoy your visit back home x

  3. Wells is such a beautiful city. Jo, and your photo really captures its tranquility. I like the sound of all that friendship, cake and gardens :).

  4. Sounds like lots of lovely stuff going on for you. Enjoy the trip.


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