Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Goodbye Headclutcher - Time to Change photo campaign x

Hey there. How many times would you say you've seen images like this when the media talks about mental health issues?

For me, one is enough and I find it incredibly off putting to say the least. My mental health just doesn't look like that the majority of the time. Ok, ok I confess that when I am in the depths of depression I do have some images which mirror this one, however I am not constantly in that place and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to believe I was.

Why? Because even if you have a mental health issue, you are not always in that place. You have days, like we all do, when we laugh, sing and dance and those times although pinned together with the bleakness, crying and despair deserve to be celebrated too.

Stephen Fry in one of the new campaign images

So Time to Change are campaigning all media outlets to dispense with the Headclutcher images and go for the reality.  That all of us are individuals and we all experience mental health issues in very different ways.

So this is me today and I am feeling rather pretty I have to say...........

What image would you like to see as a portrait of your today?


  1. Oh, lovely to see that smile and glow from you :).

  2. That is a lovely photo of you look VERY pretty x

  3. You make an excellent point and I'm so happy you could show us that gorgeous smile today


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